Red Cedar Shutter

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Red Cedar Shutter

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Why Use Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar Wood, used in the formation of these shutters, sustains in extreme temperature, moisture, and noise. Its unique and distinguished fragrance drives away insects and moths. This soft wood is light in weight. It does not shrink as fast as the other woods. It remains flat if it is laid straight. It has natural insulation ability. Its growth is slow. It bears small spaces that do not allow moisture and heat. Oil can be easily applied on it. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.


Available in:

  • 2 colors: light to medium, medium to dard;
  • 3 louvre sizes –63, 89 and 114mm;
  • 3 tilt rod options – traditional, off-set and secret tilt;
  • With a variety of frame choices;
  • With a 3 year overall warranty on the product.
  • Hinge, track bi-fold/ sliding mounting.